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Friday, 22 June 2012

Leaving Vietnam

It must have taken me approximately one year to adjust my global compus to set Vietnam as home. Only when leaving am I now realising what an amazing opportunity it was going to live there. I experienced a new culture, tried new activites and every day had new exciting things. I didn't cry at the airport because really that's not what I'm going to miss. If you still live there have a think about your favourite things about the place and you'll soon realise there are simply so many. Mine are below: 1. Xoi yen - Sticky rice, a new discovery of mine, can be bought for around 5 thousand dong off the street and is soooo delicious, there are also restaurants which sell it with toppings such as dried pork, egg and salami. 2. Cycling everywhere and being safe. 3. Knowing everyone western and smiling at them in the street. 4. The school ( just a little), it really was a beautiful campus and I made some Amazing friends 5. Speaking of friends, hopefully I will keep in touch with and see in future all of my new bfls :) 6. The weather, I moaned all the time whilst there and now I miss it, CRAZY! 7. Swimming 8. Eating out really cheaply 9. Rice and chopsticks I'm sure the list continues further but right now I'm suffering from a huge case of brain frazzle due to jet lag ( I spent thirteen hours watching all of season 3 of modern family).

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