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Monday, 21 November 2011

Can you hear those wedding bells?

(taken by me)
Everywhere you go there are motorbikes, pregnant people, and most often where I live: wedding photos being taken. The brides adorned in traditional white or red or less conventional florescent green dresses pose next to the statues of Ciputra as a symbol of their wealth. These pictures often costing around  $500 just show how much marriage means in a country where people are poor yet buy these ridiculous dresses. The hair is perfectly permed and sprayed into place and the make-up plastered on so their complexions glow ghostly white.

(taken by me)

This picture shows the traditional wedding costume.

In the west people are getting married later and later but here if you reach 25 and you haven't tied the knot you'd better hurry it up. In the countryside the Black Thai tribe women tie their hair into knots on top of their heads when they are married. The average woman get's married between the ages of 18- 25. The busiest wedding season is just after Tet where there are many wedding buses with the symbol of double happiness on them - an ancient Chinese character.

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