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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Moon bears

Last year I went to a bear sanctuary to learn about these beautiful animals which are almost critically endangered. The bears are often confined in cages disproportionate to their huge size and they have their bile removed. This bile is then used in the production of so called natural medicines which supposedly remedy all sorts of different conditions.

(Taken by me)

There is actually nothing chemically in the bile which is proven to be effective in aiding any of these conditions therefore the making of these medicines must be stopped.

(Taken by me)

In the sanctuary there were rooms stuffed with different types of foodstuffs including peanut butter, fruit and nuts. The carers are experts on each of the different bears personalities and there are even charts of what type of treat will provoke a bear to swallow a disgusting medicine (marshmallows, maple syrup and apple puree were very popular). 

(Taken by me)

The trees are covered in plastic so the bears cannot use their claws to climb them and therefore escape out of the enclosure.

(Taken by me) - This bear looks almost thoughtful staring out into the distance.

The zoo keepers provide medical care but also attempt to improve the well being of the bears by entertaining and training them using different games created from wood and other random items. This simulates the bears natural environment where they would have to scourge around searching for food. I'm hoping to go again soon since I here they have baby bear cubs freshly rescued!


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