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Friday, 2 December 2011

An overdose of meat

Finally this week I handed in my copy of Lord of the Flies after analysing every symbol and line for what seems like a century, in my English class and now we're moving on to all fresh topics! I love having a new start and here it really seems like it as check out the weather forecast:
It's amazingly cold so we can pull out all our woolly winter jumpers and socks (a revelation after wearing  flip flops every day of the week) and get round to decorating for CHRISTMAS - more on this soon!

(Credit for photo goes to t_yos21 - works cited)

Yesterday I went to a Brazilian restaurant for my boyfriend Cian's birthday which was called "Au Lac do Brazil" as soon as you are seated they bring round the first salads and you think "oh good, salad starter" and you get a large portion and chomp through that, whilst all the experienced people watch you and smirk. Then there's the meat round so you add in some lamb, or beef or chicken or sausage to your plate as an accompaniment and even add some pepper sauce. Delicious meal, great company and Spanish music. But no they're not done they come round again and again with what looks like thighs of all sorts of seafood and then some vegetables thrown in. After about 10 rounds I was so stuffed with the equivalent of a whole cow that I didn't think I could ever eat meat again (until today around lunchtime). It was fun since we had a private room, the only thing I didn't love were the giant skewers holding the meat and the knives the waiters used for carving since I felt that if I experienced a violent sneeze and whipped my head round I could become skewered - just like the Lord of the Flies really. Oh dear… it seems that this book is really affecting my whole life!

Restaurant details:

Au Lac do Brazil


6A Cao Ba Quat,

Ba Đình.


Anonymous said...

Eye's bigger than tummy? Doesn't happen to Mima too often!

Jemimah said...

It's ok though because I didn't eat lunch in preparation for the meat :)