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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Twilight - Breaking Dawn!

I just went to see this yesterday at the cinema, as although you can buy really cheap copies of films you don't get the experience: the buttery popcorn, the atmosphere and of course the life size card board cut outs! The acting was fairly bad near the start since the music didn't really match the film but later on the drama of the story was very melodramatic and tense, I love the way Bella and Edward never seem to have any form of normal conversation it's always:
Edward: I know we just met but…. I love you and I want to be with you for all eternity,
Bella: Oh my goodness I feel the same way!
Edward: But, dun dun dun I have a big secret… so basically I am a shiny vampire, 3000 years older than you, hated by werewolves and umm yep that's about all.
Bella: Well this was an interesting morning.

I may have exaggerated a little there but with her monotone voice and his wooden expression it's difficult imagine the real life situation. Overall an excellent movie though.

For all those who didn't read the books:
The Twilight films are based on the books written by Stephanie Meyer focusing around Bella Swan (played by  Kristen Steward) who moves to Forks a rainy town in Washington where she meets Edward (Robert Patterson) and they fall in love. The catch to the story is that he is a vampire (albeit a vegetarian one), her best friend Jacob is a werewolf who conveniently hates Vampires and rips off his shirt on a regular basis.

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Christina Sullivan said...

LoL Mima! I deffinetley agree with you tho! They do have some wierd conversations at times! LoL! I saw it and loved it as well! Now we have to wait until next November to see the next Twilight noww! How will we copee! :( xxxx

Jemimah said...

I know right, I'm actually going to be really sad when then series is over since Harry Potter has ended as well!!! x