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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Getting sick

When the weather's more miserable than me at the end of 'Titanic' people are suceptible to illnesses and don't I know it! My biggest disaster was a rock flying into my eye whilst cycling which scratched my cornea meaning I could barely see. SOS held me down as I screamed and squirting water into my eye so later on I went to the Vietnamese hospital where treatment was far better and they prescribed 15 eye drops per day!

A Vietnamese hospital which looks a bit more modern than the one I found myself in (taken by my mother).

(taken by my mother)

I got glasses to complete my 'invalid' pirate look! This is definitely not my most attractive period.
(taken by me)

In all the time I've lived in Hanoi I've seen around 2 ambulances and managed to snap a quick picture of one of them. I think they look quite quaint really old fashioned like the ones in England, but they are rather slow so I wouldn't want to have to call one!

(taken by me)

The street side pharmacies are also really cheap although it's hard to tell how well made the drugs are so usually we buy ones which are manufactured by French or English companies. I suppose the fact that you can buy any type of drug here (apart from the illegal ones - those are round the corner!) is rather dangerous since people generally think they are more sick than they actually are so tend to diagnose themselves with some extremely dangerous disease.

Tip (from my mother) - Only take antibiotics if your body absolutely cannot fight off the illness since you can become resistant to them.

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