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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Pancake day!

I organized a pancake day for charity and we played loads of Spanish music, I especially love Shakira in Spanish and this song by Los adolescents:

Question : Do people like this song if they don't like to dance? I have a friend who doesn't like dance songs because he doesn't dance, but even if you can't sing surely you listen to songs with words. Hard thinking going on right now!

This pancake endeavour wasn’t just because I felt in dire need of some carbs though, it was to raise money for the charity Helping Hands and so in honour of this event I would like to devote this post to the charities my school supports and problems throughout Vietnam.

The Cancer hospital:

The cancer hospital was my first ever project last year and it was really upsetting to see so many sick children. We brought them  toys and games which they appreciated so much and we blew bubbles and drew pictures with them.

Thuy An orphanage:

At Thuy An your eyes really open to how a LEDC (less economically developed country) copes with those suffering from disabilities. Since families don't have the knowledge, money or support they leave their children here. We learn about the different conditions such as cerebral palsy and downs syndrome and each time we visit we interact with the children through play, massage (which helps stretch out their limbs) and walks in the push chairs. My most recent charity project involved purchasing a washer and a dryer in order for all the nappies and clothes to get cleaned quicker which will hopefully help the carers a lot.

 I bought a washing machine and dryer with help from family friends, thank you everyone!
This child is sooooo sweet!

Here's the crepe recipe for you to hold your own day. We sold 100 total all of which we made ourselves (a giant bowl was required for that much batter!) and even though it took us a lot of time both to organize and prepare I really think it was a worthwhile event.

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