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Friday, 9 March 2012


Here is a great video if you want to learn about the war and if you want more information I've put some affects of the war below on the people:

How people in the USA were immediately affected by the war:

Money was wasted and the people of America lost faith in the government. Those returning were not congratulated and many had fallen into drug addiction since drugs were extremely easy to get hold of in Vietnam.

Long term effects on America:

The Americans are still embarrassed today about the failure of not just their policy of containment but of their decision to become involved in Vietnam.

How people in Vietnam were affected by the war:

Vietnam became one unified communist country.

There were Vietnamese refugees who had migrated to other countries trying to get away from the war.

The environment and people had been affected by bombing and chemicals used, houses had to be rebuilt and Vietnam didn't have a strong economy to rebuild everything quickly. Many of the plant life had been destroyed because of the chemicals and weapons used hurt not only soldiers but also innocent civilians.

Lasting effects on Vietnam:

In the countryside there are still unexploded landmines and bombs which still endanger people today. As well as this many of the children being born still have disabilities due to the chemical used: Agent Orange.

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