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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Developing fast

Whilst waiting for a computer back up I decided to do a little research about the development rate of Vietnam. Here's some indicators of development which I looked at or found interesting:

In Vietnam the government created a huge plan of action known as Doi Moi reforms which meant that there was a huge effort to increase the amount of exports and production of products (namely rice). This meant that the GDP (gross domestic product) has been steadily improving, meaning higher wages for Vietnamese people.

Calorie intake -
The number of people suffering from malnutrition has dropped and people are eating more protein. In Hanoi at the moment there is Pizza Hut and I think KFC however not the influx of other fast food restaurants, people much prefer asian food which makes them a lot healthier than the average western population.

Infrastructure -

The whole of Hanoi looks a little like a building site with machine powered cranes and endless noise. I'm not sure how well built it is however structures are definitely going up quickly!

I looked at the CIA Factbook for Vietnam and learnt some really interesting things: 93% of the population can read and write after the age of 15, and even in the countryside there were schools for children to be educated.

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