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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tet continued

Happy lunar new year from the Pepsi garden in Ho Chi Minh City!

Peach blossoms- In the North the streets are emblazoned with images of pale pink peach blossoms whereas in the South a vibrant yellow is favoured. I love these since they brighten up the streets immensely during the dull season in Hanoi (this is coming from someone who is convinced they suffer from SAD , seasonally affected disorder, since I'm always so much happier when it's summer). Peach blossoms are associated with two Gods who lived in a Peach tree and protected against evil spirits.

 Peaches bring Good fortune and prosperity.

Square rice cakes  are supposed to bring good harvest which is especially important for a country dependent on the growth of rice (the number one export). The leaves which is wrapped in have to be cleaned and smoked and the whole preparation process is very important.

The marketplace is a social hub for all those buying flowers and food for the Tet week when people relax and shops close. The house has to be cleaned and tidied for the relatives coming to visit so the roads are jam-packed  with weary babies hanging precariously onto motorbike drivers. People explode giant tubes filled with glitter, and red a royal colour is everywhere.

This exhausted man was sleeping amongst the dragon and costumes on the pavement outside our hotel after the previous night spent dragon dancing.

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