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Saturday, 21 January 2012


Tet is the biggest event in the whole of Vietnam, lunar new year, and if you thought the streets were bustling with life before now they are so crowded you can hardly move. Today I flew down to Ho Chi Minh City not really escaping the madness but adding some heat to my holidays. On the plane people were bringing HUGE boxes of food and flowers and even giant branches for Tet celebrations. Here is a list of things which define Tet for me:

  1. The song Tết tết tết tết đến rồi... it basically means the new year has arrived but it could be used to torture prisoners that is how annoying it is (that is until you learn the words and can sing along).

Here's the song for you, the good part is 1 minute in :)

  1. Tet trees which are either cumquat trees - basically mini inedible oranges. Apparently they spray them to be all the same size and you aren't supposed to eat them because of toxic chemicals but my dad always plucks them off the trees and stuffs them in his mouth and he's still fine. Here's the trees trips home:

  1. People take lucky money in Red envelopes for their hairdressers, friends and colleagues.
Continued later!

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