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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Crinkly hair and clothes...

(taken by me)
On Wednesday I went to school in an crinkled skirt (the iron wouldn't turn on) and messy hair (straighteners) as at precisely 7:03 the electricity in the whole of the estate ceased to work. Why was this? I did a little research and came up with two articles which I posted below in case you are especially fascinated.

On a second search I found the site of 'Tuoitrenews' (third article posted) which is apparently the news gateway of Vietnam? Well I've never heard of it. To sum up this yawn worthy article for you it basically says that the reason for the annoying power cuts is because there is less water in dams to be used for hydroelectric power. Well whoever sung the 'rain, rain go away song' should have thought about it first, shouldn't they.

This article was written last year but these problems still haven't been solved.

This is a question and answer feature from the 'New Hanoian' website.


Julia said...

Excellent work on your blog so far Jemimah. I have enjoyed reading about your daily life and can imagine how helpful it would be if I had just arrived in Hanoi.
I stopped using an iron about 20 years ago, so I suppose Joe and Ollie have been going to school with crinkly clothes for their whole lives! It doesn't seem to bother them. I do love my hair dryer though, but when forced to let my hair dry au natural and put it in a pony tail, nobody seems to think it looks any different.
Look forward to more posts soon.
By the way, we had a minor earthquake this week and are now waiting for a hurricane to arrive. The Berrie cousins, Noah, Eve and Gideon and parents, are coming over to stay for a couple of nights as New York City has designated the area they live in as "low lying" and prone to flooding. Will let you know what it is like.
Love, Julia

Natalia said...

This is so interesting! i was wondering why the power wouldnt work! i had to get ready in the dark...with no air conditioning.

Jemimah said...

To Natalia- Yeah there seemed to be powercuts everywhere on that day... No Facebooking :)

To Julia- I hope you're all staying safe at this time! It sounds like a great opportunity to meet up with everyone again though. I'm aiming to write about three posts per week so hopefully there will be a lot more for you to look at soon.