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Monday, 15 August 2011

The flood

Here's Take That's  song to listen to as you read.
 After a long plane journey we finally moved into our new house which was so dirty, and hot. We spent the whole day cleaning the floors and the bathrooms and finally we went out to dinner with some friends however once we returned: shock horror the whole of the bedroom full of boxes was completely flooded with water from the heavy rains.

Just as I was curling up to go to sleep I could hear this noise which sounded like people shouting to each other. I went out on the balcony but it wasn't people it was hundreds of frogs! On further investigation we have a pond full to the brim with tadpoles which are soon going to turn into more frog/ toad like amphibians. I don't want to be a tadpole killer!

Then yesterday I had a relaxing bath and just as I'd let out the water I heard this giant splashing noise coming through the ceiling downstairs. All my bathwater had miraculously fallen into the downstairs bathroom. Maybe we should build an arc. Anyone have an instruction leaflet?

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