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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Keeping in touch

There are now so many ways you can keep in touch with everyone at home, however the hardest thing is the time difference which is about 6 hours between here and the UK (HOME :)) These are the best ways to keep in touch:

1.       Skype - you can call and leave messages however the time difference makes it a little harder unless you like calling people in the middle of the night.

2.       Emails - make sure you have an email account set up and have swapped addresses with everyone so you can keep in touch easily - I usually end up emailing

3.       Blogging - You can read each other’s blogs and see what everyone is up to, and make silly comments :p

4.        THE NUMBER 1 - Facebook - I never thought that I would use Facebook to keep in touch but it saves you hours of slow downloads of pictures, you can easily chat like msn and also you never receive humungous messages which I never seem to get around to replying to.

Don't worry if you have a busy week or feel too tired to write a really long message, just something short is better than nothing at all. I am a major culprit of forgetting to reply so it's best to do it straight away - yes I am a hypocrite.

I never use -

5.       Snail mail - nothing ever arrives or leaves Vietnam unless you have some sort of secure mailing system and I'm too lazy to investigate, so no parcels or magazines for me!

6.       The regular phone - It's more expensive so why bother!

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Anonymous said...

what about twitter?