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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A random rant about balls tea

Technically called bubble tea this beverage is found all over Hanoi and it is AMAZING! Things that I love about it are:

  1. The bubbles remind me of black frogspawn or black pearls or something else mysterious and I love the feel of them.

  1. There are literally around 50 different flavours (I'm not exaggerating) including mint, chocolate and durian (bleugh!)

  1. There is a cool lid machine which seals the plastic to the cup and there's always an adorable character on the lid.

  1. They give you giant coloured straws  and who doesn't love those!

  1. The place I go to is in the centre of town: perfect for quenching the thirst on a long excursion and I would never have gone and tried it myself (someone dragged me along and forced me to try).

I recommend everyone trying this Vietnamese drink as it's perfect any time of the year!

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