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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Why do we have a day off school?

Well the reason is all to do with this man 'Ho Chi Minh' who I tell you about below. Friday 2nd September is the Vietnamese National day when they celebrate his victory.

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Name: Ho Chi Minh

Date of Birth: 1890

Date of death:1969

Why is he so famous?

Ho Chi Minh is so great since he led the communist revolution fighting against the rule of the French who had taken over Vietnam. If you want to know more about what Vietnamese people think of Uncle Ho then read my post on Sunday!

Early life:

He went to a French school and graduated with a teaching degree however soon decided to become a sailor. During this period he visited many other places which were also being exploited by the French. Which may have given him the first seeds of thought as to what should be done in Vietnam.

Deciding to fight:

Whilst living in Paris he studied the books of Karl Marx and other left wing (communist) writers. I will skip the part where he joined the French communist Party and lived in China until we get to 1945 when finally Ho Chi Minh and the Vietminh (a revolutionary group he formed) announced the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Unfortunately halfway around the world Franklin Roosevelt (American President), Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister) and Joseph Stalin (General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party - try saying this fast, in Russia) had already decided the fate of Vietnam. 

Eventually the North and the South were reunited and it is the country we know today.

Did you know:

His father taught his children to love their country and his sister who worked for the French army stole weapons which she hoped the Vietnamese could use to banish the French from their country.

He wanted to be cremated.. But everyone ignored his wishes and just put him in his mausoleum in a glass coffin. No privacy at all.

Ho Chi Minh was apparently not his real name but the name of a dead Chinese man who he took the identification card of: something which was very common in China at that time.

I thought this was really interesting and if you want to read more interesting facts about him then visit this site:

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