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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Lake ( one of many)

Around the lake it's the busiest part of town. Bustling with people all the time it's great to just sit on a bench (obviously a large ice cream improves this scenario greatly) and just watch people passing by. In my university application I'm considering putting people watching and daydreaming as two of my greatest passions in life. Let me describe the scene:

There are women marching round jabbering wearing floral pyjamas. This is quite a fashion statement actually especially with the patterned hats which I read in Vogue are all the range this year. Not the hats the contrasting patterns.

Then there's the countless people playing badminton and sports, there are people who are crouching on the side of the road chatting or more like jabbering to each other… in Vietnamese (duh yeah I know but it still annoys me I can't eavesdrop).

And finally a large part of the population is just doing things. I'm  actually not sure what they do all day but in February I am going to ask them about their lives, so I will be able to tell you.


lucy Searle said...

why february?

Jemimah said...

Well I just felt February would be a good time of year to go around asking people about their lives. Also becuase in January it's Tet which is like this massive holiday here in Hanoi so I guess people will be pretty cheerful. I'm not really sure. You'll have to send me some of your music that you write!